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Se se é profissional independente quanto é que se recebe? comparando com outras profissões de línguas é mais bem pago ou não?

asked 02 Nov '11, 08:52

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You may also want to read the answers to this question

to get a better idea of what needs to go into calculating the fees to be charged.

We must not forget to calculate our fees in a way that we factor in for example

  • time for preparation

  • time spent travelling

  • time spent on office work (e.g. tax

  • rent for the office

  • operating costs for the office

  • health insurance

  • pension scheme

We need to bear in mind that we can actually only be in the booth a certain number of days per year (see for example AIIC statistics). We need to prepare our assignments properly and get sufficient rest as well - so it is obvious that we need to earn enough money on the days spent interpreting to pay for our living on all other days of the year as well and save for our pension. It is therefore well worth working out for yourself what the minimum fee is you must charge.

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answered 16 Oct '13, 21:33

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edited 17 Oct '13, 16:26

Hi Silvia,

If you speak English (and a bit of Spanish), you may want to read the answers and comments for this question. Summing up: it is impossible to say how much an interpreter earns (just as it is impossible to say how much a physician earns). Freelance interpreters have different workloads, specialities, work with different languages, in different modes (conference interpreting, community interpreting, legal interpreting...) and, above all, they establish/negotiate their own rates.

Nevertheless, there is a series of statistical reports (like the ones produced by AIIC or other professional organisations) that could give you a general idea of the overage remuneration taking into account different factors (see the link above).

Hope this helps.

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answered 02 Nov '11, 11:14

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edited 02 Nov '11, 11:17

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