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There are plenty of interpreters' blogs and homepages out there featuring pictures of conference rooms they have been working in. Of course, there is no problem in taking pictures in venues where photos are allowed but, what about other places and venues? For example: am I allowed to publish a picture or a video of the booth or conference room of the European Parliament? What about other public institutions? Does publishing a picture of the booth or empty conference room mean an infringement of confidentiality?

asked 01 Nov '11, 12:31

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Andreas C

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I'll leave it up to others to answer on the grounds of professional ethics.

Let me address the issue from a traditional copyright angle. Buildings, including the interior of buildings, are protected by copyright and require the owner's consent for photographic use.

For instance, you clearly may not take a picture of the European Parliament hemicycle in Strasbourg and publish it on your blog.

See Legal Pitfalls in Taking or Using Photographs of Copyright Material, Trademarks and People and also Photos Of Public Buildings for a more US-based perspective.

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answered 01 Nov '11, 12:52

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Vincent Buck


Just as a clarification, the European Parliament does allow the material it provides on its audiovisual website (photos, videos, etc.) to be used by third parties, as long as credit it given. The site is at: and registration is free of charge and open to anyone.

(01 Nov '11, 16:49) Michelle

If you're going to publish the photo on a public media you should always seek permission. The few times I've taken a pic of my booth -just to show how messy interpreters can be in the booth- I've always asked permission before publishing it.

I would also avoid taking close pictures of delegates. It's a matter of common sense; I wouldn't want my picture to be on the net without my prior consent.

As a general rule, if in doubt don't publish it.

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answered 01 Nov '11, 19:11

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Marta Piera ...

You can republish pictures already published in the media, if you do not violate any copyrights however,it is best not to publish any photographs of clients or yourself with clients because where interpreters work and who they work with is strictly confidential.

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answered 03 Dec '15, 23:27

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