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Hello there,

So I'm here toiling away but I just don't care all that much or at all about what's happening in the Middle East and Mali, about yet another useless UN policy that's a pile of BS on paper wasting taxpayer's money while people go hungry and homeless.

I find governmental institutions useless as far as actually getting anything done and I don't have much patience for bureaucracy. So working for the UN seems like a dumb goal.

But I love (simultaneous) interpreting! I guess the private market is the only option but how much private sim work is really out there? Am I just ignorant about working for the UN/other orgs?

Any thoughts highly appreciated!

asked 18 Apr '13, 10:34

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Firstly, I wouldn't worry too much about not liking politics or the bureaucracy of it all, the pleasure of interpreting will outweigh any feeling that you may not be contributing to changing the world for at least the first ten years...

Secondly, in a slightly different angle on bureaucracy, in reality freelance interpreters actually have to do much more paper work (sending and chasing up invoices, tax returns, VAT, keeping receipts for tax deductions etc etc) than staff interpreters who get paid at the end of the month, no paper work.

Hope that helps

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answered 20 Apr '13, 12:21

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...IMHO, although a CI should be curious about pretty much everything, the only thing an interpreter MUST be interested about, through thick and thin, is getting the msg across, anything else/the lack thereof - will be a bonus/malus... and believe you me, a normal career will bring a great many of both.

This being said, when feeling acute lack of bonus or surfeit of malus - as I said, on top of/other than always feeling that getting the msg across if enough to keep you professionally interested and stimulated - perhaps you may care to look beyond the obvious shortcomings - riveting interest-wise - of a given assignment, if any, and try to make up for them by looking around for sources thereof, say in the people or the politics of a given situation/organisation, there's usually much to be enjoyed along those lines :-)... not to mention venue and colleagues, along with the world in general we too are an interesting bunch ;-).

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answered 18 Apr '13, 11:40

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I like to get my news from satirical news shows. That helps sometimes but it's a bit limited :)

(18 Apr '13, 15:44) TheInterpret...
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