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I graduated last year from my MA in Conference Interpreting, and I'm currently living in Lisbon, where I work as a translator while I learn Portuguese. My language combination is Spanish A, English, and eventually I'd like to add French and Portuguese as C languages. I've been practicing on my own for a while now, and would like to practice with someone else so that we can give each other feedback and improve our skills. I've tried to look for practice groups such as the one in Brussels, but I haven't found any. I also emailed the head of the CI programme at the University, but had no reply. Does anyone know of any practice groups in Lisbon, or are there any interpreters around that may want to meet up to practice some time?

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from someone :)


asked 23 Aug '17, 07:13

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edited 23 Aug '17, 17:21

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Gaspar ♦♦

Hi Amalia

I'll forward your msg to our aiic regional mailing list - which includes some of the instructors at FLUL - and see what reactions we get, will keep you posted :-).

permanent link

answered 25 Aug '17, 08:08

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edited 25 Aug '17, 08:14

2 colleagues kindly reacted to my posting of this link, but neither seems to be able to register&reply here, for some reason... nor directly to you because you included no such detail in your registration; should you care to send me your email, I'll be only too happy to forward it :-).

(30 Aug '17, 12:56) msr

No problem, Amalia - beware of openly posting your email, though, bots do have ears :-) - I passed your email on (privately) to the 2 colleagues, hope you'll be able to arrange for some practice sessions.

(14 Sep '17, 20:07) msr

Great, thank you! I am deleting my email right now. Thanks for everything! :)

(15 Sep '17, 05:02) amaliaov

You're very welcome - I also forwarded your email yesterday to an aiic colleague who asked for it and does teach at FLUL :-).

(17 Sep '17, 08:19) msr
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