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Interpreters seem to be getting an increasing number of request for their CVs lately. I was wondering whether there were any recommendations to follow in this regard.

Should one send one’s CV indiscriminately when requested or should one discriminate? How to avoid CVs being used for the wrong purposes?

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Dear Marta,

Here you can find general information on this issue. The last link ("ask questions about conditions and bona fides before providing anything") points to a very useful page on the AIIC extranet with pertinent questions and tips before sending your CV. Here are some excerpts from the article:

Pertinent questions

  • Who are the potential employers?
  • In which branch of the language market do they normally operate?
  • What are they offering?
  • Is the request attached to a specific job or is it just a general
    one (e.g. “to be on our list”)?
  • Do they provide information about payment and working conditions?

Some tips

  • So please practice due diligence.
  • Always check out the party requesting your information.
  • Ask colleagues whether they have ever worked for the company concerned and have information about them.
  • If you do send a CV, make sure it can’t be edited: send it in jpeg or pdf-secured format to make it more difficult to change or use without your authorization.
  • Add a line or watermark indicating that your name or CV can only be used for the specific tender or engagement.
  • Some may even want to ask for a firm option – and thus a job - should the tender be won.
  • And check out as many details as you can, e.g. if they require you to work under a framework contract that may have limitations you don’t agree with, etc.
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Along the same lines, on why NOT to send a CV or reply to a RFP out of the blue, I would recommend this excellent article:

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answered 15 Mar '13, 03:51

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