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I am a native Chinese speaker. I have been studying in the U.S. for almost one year and decided to get further training in a grad school.

What do you think of MIIS, Monterey Institute of International Studies? Do they have a strong reputation for Chinese/English combo?

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asked 23 Feb '13, 23:42

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Ultimately - whether you choose to go to Beiwai or GIIT or MIIS, the difference will be the effort that you can invest in the training.

I teach at GIIT (Graduate Institute of Interpreting and Translation) in Shanghai so I know first hand that the current training offers a solid preparation for the profession.

The Conference Interpreting course is offered in English and Chinese - it is modelled on traditional Paris interpreting school model.

There are scholarships and the school also has exchange agreements with other interpreting institutes, so you have opportunities to try other places too.


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Hi Zhiyuan,

I've posted an answer under the related question Best university to study CI English and Chinese. Of course, your case is different as your mother-tongue is Chinese. So MIIS, which has a good reputation, might be a better choice for you.

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Hi Zhiyuan,

I currently live in Beijing and used to live in California. I'm a native English speaker and NOT a professional interpreter, but rather a consumer of interpretation services.

My experience with MIIS-trained native Chinese speakers is phenomenal. This question was posted over a year ago, so I'm assuming you have already made up your mind! But for what it is worth, I've really been impressed with the MIIS alums I've encountered.

For context, I have established a platform called SeekPanda ( for freelancer interpreters to connect with Western business travelers coming to China. I have therefore interviewed several dozen interpreters with the goal of encouraging the most business-savvy ones to join our website.

Here are two such people on SeekPanda who were trained at MIIS:

Daniel in Beijing

Jaffee in Beijing

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answered 28 Jun '14, 20:43

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Moderator writing: Under our terms of use, "Promotional messages are disallowed and will be removed. Please refrain from posting commercial advertisements.". Please decide whether you have something to contribute to this forum or are just here to pitch your start-up.

(28 Jun '14, 21:31) Vincent Buck

Hi Vincent - didn't mean to have this come across as a pitch. I am simply sharing my observations as a consumer of interpretation services. Since I'm familiar with MIIS and have compared their professionalism versus other grads, I felt it relevant to participate in this thread.

Providing links to specific individuals whom I've met from MIIS is meant to provide credibility to my background. I'm happy to remove all references to my company in this post. Let me know.

(28 Jun '14, 22:00) MattConger
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