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Last week "Tagesspiegel" published an article (in German) on Open Online Courses which I found rather interesting.

In November 2012, the New York Times published two articles about Massive Open Online Courses with a lot of information: here and here.

Having looked at the the different courses available, I think they might be a very good source of information (and vocabulary) and could help us get more acquainted with subjects we might not have studied at university, especially since there are also courses available on the lastest scientific and technological developments. Apart from that, for freelancers the courses on business economics might also be very helpful.

Has anyone already enrolled in such online courses? What is your experience?

Can you recommend any other providers apart from the "Big Three" mentioned by the newspapers?


asked 12 Jan '13, 09:21

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Not sure this is the kind of course you were talking about, but I just loved this one. Plus, Harvard in general has some great lectures on youtube.

Stanford, too, apparently:

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answered 15 Jan '13, 12:33

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Thank you Karolin - I will watch the full length of the footages soon. They seem very interesting. Searching for "Online Courses" on YouTube is a very good idea. I found the following short video on what MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are all about.

(15 Jan '13, 14:26) AlmuteL

Yes, Almute,the video mentioned by the comment of this page is nice! Thanks. :)

(17 Jan '13, 06:54) Paris Si de ...

Dear Almute:

I came across some online courses from Youtube, Open Yale Courses, actually recorded video of Yale courses. I will not provide exact website (because I use agent to log in youtube), anybody interested please just search over youtube, it will serve the purpose. The difference I see at the present without surfing the websites mentioned above is that there is no enrollment procedure, so no issuing of certificate, either.

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answered 12 Jan '13, 20:44

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Paris Si de ...

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Hi, Almute:

Today, I discovered two more online courses, which I found to be interesting.

1.Google power search. It's said to teach about searching skills with google. It might be very useful for conference preparation, I think.

2.Canvas Network I just have a brief view and find there are many courses, too.

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answered 29 Jan '13, 00:20

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