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Conf-interpreting is a very complicated mental process. It consumes a lot of efforts and energy, even if with built expertise and years of experience (confirmed by MSR in this question). I just wonder whether there is any phycological modelling for it? Up to now, is there any contribution to it?

If yes, for sure it might help reduce the efforts required and give interpreters more space and other benefits. Thanks for your interest and time. :)

asked 04 Dec '12, 07:44

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Paris Si de ...

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Vincent Buck

...I'll let more learned colleagues enlighten us on said models... I can tell you what works for me: irrespective of subject-matter "ranking", to this day I regard the challenge of transposing thoughts from one language/culture into another pair as motivation enough for me, ie enough to keep me "interested" and on my toes, as it were, thus fobbing off any weariness... and many a time have I thus noted how dreary high-level meets can be and conversely how stimulating for the interpreter so-called lower-level ones often are.

I suppose ultimately it all boils down to temperament: I remember my surprise when a senior colleague, many years ago, told me he was considering a career move because he resented the sideliner fate of the booth-dweller, as opposed to what he perceived to be the protagonism of those on the other side of the glass...

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answered 04 Dec '12, 10:33

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Dear Nacho:

Thanks for your considerate help to myself and contribution to the order of this community. Please allow me to express my thanks for your/other administrators' future help if you do not mind for this "commenting" and others incoming in advance.:)

Best regards Paris

Hi, MSR: thanks for your kind advice/ help. Yes, I have kind of same feeling as yours. Once a period I also doubted the meaning of conference/ speeches, but after I observed some meeting online, esp. a recent UN live webcast, during which a delegate modestly proposed his idea about money, I suddenly realized how much difference of ideaology there is between persons, let alone states, cultures.For sure, the conference/ meeting holds meaning, hence conference interpreting.

I cannot agree more with the latter part of your answer. Comparing General Debate of GA and the other meeting with specific themes just approves it. Also, I sense the protagonism part during my escort interpreting, although the manner does not comply with the true "professionalism", which I just got to know not long ago. But conference interpreting is not only more challenging, but also more meaningful, by addressing audience attending to more general benefits of the society. Thanks for prompting these ideas to me. :)

(04 Dec '12, 20:04) Paris Si de ...
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