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I think a deadly sin would be to leave a sentence incomplete. What do you think are the potential pitfalls and virtues that can guide us in better preparing for an assignment and in maintaining a good performance during the course of an assignment?

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...right, here go pitfalls, virtues would be their opposite:

not being actively curious about everything

believing that once you "have" a language (not to mention culture/s!) it looks after itself

thinking that experience excuses you from CPD

not bothering to prepare a conference

not taking part in the life of the profession, namely through association

neglecting to regularly record yourself

lowering your standards

not having a document management system, inside the booth and out

believing that tinted glass will hide you, so why bother with looking professional

forgetting that when the mike is on, silence is not an option

the creaking door syndrome :-)

losing sight of the fact that although colleagues are competitors, they're also colleagues and the younger ones will determine the future of your profession

etc, etc :-)

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