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Hallo, I would like to know if anybody knows a good conference interpreting online course for beginners. I'm Italian and my languages are English and Spanish. Thank you!

asked 13 Nov '12, 14:23

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Could you be more specific? What kind of interpreting? Community, legal, medical, conference interpreting? Simultaneous or consecutive? For professional interpreters (refresher courses) or beginners? What languages?

(13 Nov '12, 17:45) Delete ♦

Conference interpreting online courses for beginners, I'm italian and my languages are english and spanish. Thank you!

(14 Nov '12, 03:07) GiuliaGirardi

Hi Guilia

All serious conference interpreting courses are face-to-face at the moment. There are some recognized courses with an online element, but AFAIK it's always in conjunction with normal classes in one way or another. For example,

The EU institutions is also involved in distance training, but only with students who are already enrolled in a standard face-to-face conference interpreting courses.

To find a quality school for your language combination in a location that suits you try this, AIIC's Schools Finder

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answered 14 Nov '12, 10:05

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