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I know, sometimes CI is compared to be artist/ playactor. So, a pictures jumps to my mind, a Peking opera playactor/playactress was applauded long and strongly at her/ his finishing act, and I can see this is a direct satisfaction even impetus to the consistent practice/ rehearsal, because he/she lives/ performs for the stage and audience.

So, if CI is also kind of playactor/playactress, what is the most direct trigger of our achievement/ satisfaction on spot out of this profession itself? besides the pleasant environment, interesting travelling experience, number increase in bank account. Will there also be applauding audience? I myself sense this is not an easy question, thanks for your kind attention in advance. :-)

asked 10 Nov '12, 19:54

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Oh Paris, that's an easy one: SOMETIMES conference participants take the trouble to come to the booth and thank their team personally, commenting on how they could understand everything and sometimes staying for a short conversation. Strangely enough this happens more with an anglophile than with a francophile audience - which is particularly frustrating for the French-speaking colleagues. Anyway, whenever it happens, it is really really appreciated, especially since there are many other incidents where interpreters are not even noticed as human beings doing their level best to provide high quality interpretation in spite of difficult or fast speakers, poor sound, odd working hours etc. and where everybody is being thanked at the end of a conference... except...... Well, but that's part of our life too.

What is also really great is when there was a particularly difficult stretch which you mastered and the colleague sitting in the booth next to you gives you a "thumbs up" or pad on the shoulder - or some other gesture of appreciation.

I am glad you asked this question because we should also make sure to properly appreciate the work of our colleagues whenever we organise international conferences ourselves in our respective organisations ;-)

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