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I guess there is no clear cut line and a lot will depend on goodwill anyway but since it is Friday afternoon and there is nobody in the client's office anymore I thought I would bounce a few ideas here:

I have an assignment in Spain next week Tuesday. Initially I was scheduled to fly in on Tuesday morning and return Wednesday morning. It was agreed that I would arrange the flight myself and get a reimbursement afterwards.

However, I just got a call from my travel agency that my flight for Wednesday morning was cancelled due to a strike (no planes leaving Spain whatsoever). The airline changed my flight (free of charge) to Thursday.

How would you handle this: Would you pay the hotel costs yourselves (file under "tough luck"/entrepreneurial risk) or would you ask the client for a reimbursement of the extra costs incurred (I guess they are going to pay anyway but I was just wondering about the legal situation here).

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73481533 contracts still say that the interpreter must be reimbursed for additional expenses "for reasons other than his will" based on invoices produced, which would cover being stranded on the way to one's assignment or returning back home. To my mind, that risk should indeed be considered and covered, either by one's client or by an insurance company, in which latter case the premium should be added to travel costs: if none of those two applied here, my advice would be to grin and bear it... and make sure you do provide for this in your next contract :-).

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Thanks for your feedback, Manuel - client agreed to pay hotel accommodation (phewey, "mehr Glück als Verstand" again). When they asked me whether I would also charge them for one day's work lost plus per diem (which tbh had not even occurred to me before given these extraordinary circumstances) I told them that I would waive said additional costs so we are both happy. Contrary to my usual practice I never sign a contract with this specific client because we have a framework agreement and they are pretty good anyway. However I did notice that my regular template (the 2002 version of the aiic individual contract) does not cover this issue anyway so I'll have to update my documents pretty soon (I am lucky I was not affected by the ash cloud or superstorm Sandy but sooner or later this gap is bound to backfire so I'd better fix it:))

(13 Nov '12, 08:29) Tanja

:-) good news! In the old days, PD and salary did indeed use to be also required for days stranded away from one's domicile, your reaction waiving them was perfect, much better to waive - should that be one's commercial/marketing decision - than to signify that you had never counted on it. By the way, this business of force majeure and possibly insurance coverage thereof does require further looking into (bodies within aiic are I believe doing it already) and on both sides of the fence, as it were, some employers are claiming force majeure to exempt them from cancellation payments...!

(13 Nov '12, 08:56) msr
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