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I came across some examples of photographic memory used in conf-interpreting, and it is said to be very effective tool in this regard. As it goes literally, photographic memory means memorizing things as taking a photo. Methinks,if one is equipped with such skills, for sure the efforts of analysis and memory will be saved a lot, which may possibly improve the efficiency of interpreting theoretically.

Can any senior give some practicing techniques for this type of memory in daily life? Thanks.:-)

asked 09 Oct '12, 18:54

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Paris Si de ...

...I stand to be corrected but to the best of my understanding one can't develop eidetic memory, the very few who do seem to have it are supposed to have been born with it, oftentimes as "savants".

Other than memory exercises and mnemonics, on which you'll find many references not limited to interpreting studies, my single, hopefully useful contribution (albeit upstream from your actual topic) would be to underscore the relevance of speed reading techniques, to speed up the input rate of text information - very useful when dealing with last minute documents when all one can hope for is to get a general idea of content and salient points.

As to "saving on analysis to better the efficiency of interpreting"... are you quite sure such a result may reasonably be expected from such "savings"? :-) A lot of content may well be above our heads but analysis always pays, when it comes to the incoming message :-)... how else could we hope to understand enough to be able to interpret?

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answered 09 Oct '12, 19:22

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Hi, MSR, thanks for your kind idea/ support. Although you do not answer my question directly, you provide a very practically useful idea/ technique for conf-interpreting. Thank you just the same, for your sincerity. It is your spirit of this kind that supports the flourish of this community.:-) Paris

(09 Oct '12, 20:00) Paris Si de ...
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