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As advised by seniors Almute ,MSR and Andy, a very good practice to train CI is to work with a Tandem partner. As it goes, I myself have the same feeling. Thank to the encouragement of dear seniors mentioned above and others, I post this question here.

My language combination is: A: Chinese, B: English; and for my possibly ideal partner: A: English, B: Chinese.

It's not easy to find the very language pair. So, if any friend, whose A is German, French, and others, while hold English as B, and wish to cultive Chinese is also fine for me to work with.

If there is any website offering such service as to find such partner, or any friend is interested, please kindly reply to me. Thanks in advance. :)

asked 17 Sep '12, 08:06

Paris%20Si%20de%20Chine's gravatar image

Paris Si de ...

edited 17 Sep '12, 08:18

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Delete ♦

Is there any good information about tandem training in English? I am curious to know what it is and why it is important, and if there is any disagreement about its effectiveness.

(27 Apr '15, 22:25) Adrian Lee D...

Dear Paris,

I will put your name and mail address on the German Tandem list for the time being - there are also colleagues without German on this list.

AIIC International is looking into the matter and might want to post it on the international website as well. We will let you know more once we know.

Anyone interested in finding a Tandem Partner (or more partners) for any language combination may feel free to contact me under my mail address and I will put down their name, language combination and mail address on the list and send them the updated version of the Tandem List. Maybe this way it will be possible for you, Paris, and for other colleagues with less common language combinations to find Tandem partners as well.

For further information on what Tandem is and how to work as a Tandem team, please refer to:


(List soon to be updated and translated into English)

permanent link

answered 17 Sep '12, 10:10

AlmuteL's gravatar image


edited 17 Sep '12, 11:36

Dear Almute:

Thank you for your kind information, and please put me on the Tandem list (only for your convenience, my e-mail is believe this list will surely facilitate my searching of training partner.

With your information, I know, me and other guys like me are not alone, and we are cared by AIIC. From now on, I know I have support from AIIC. Thank you, Almute, and thanks to AIIC.

Have a great day!

Best regards


(18 Sep '12, 00:31) Paris Si de ...

Thank you for directing me here from my question! I'm definitely super interested and will email you.

Thanks much!

(06 Feb '13, 12:27) TheInterpret...

I would be interested in being on such a list if it still exists.

(28 Mar '15, 07:56) jbeagley far as I know, there's no such site or dedicated service yet, other than what we were told in Berlin in connection with a German association... but we were also told that an aiic member in that region was looking into the possibility of setting something up along those lines, aiic wide... I'll ask them to kindly reply to your question :-).

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answered 17 Sep '12, 08:54

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Hi, MSR. Thanks for your kind information and great help. Expecting to receive further notice of progress on this matter. Thanks again. :-) Paris

(17 Sep '12, 09:10) Paris Si de ...

And such strong support as provided by you and other seniors empowers me to move on, overcome all difficulties in the pursuit of CI career path. Thanks. :-)

(18 Sep '12, 00:22) Paris Si de ...

I can't help with finding a site, but my A is English and my C is Mandarin. (French and German are in there too somewhere)

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answered 25 Sep '12, 13:27

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Dear Charlie, thanks for your kind reply/information. So are you interested in working in Tandem with me? Thanks. Paris

(25 Sep '12, 23:55) Paris Si de ...

Dear Charlie:

Just a friendly reminder: I got news that the updated Tandem list is going to be posted, which is intended to help to-be-interpreters find their practising partners. If you are interested, either you can revert to me by, or contact Almute directly. The deadline is Feb.15th.

(10 Feb '13, 23:42) Paris Si de ...

This might soon be of interest to find people to practice with:

permanent link

answered 26 Oct '16, 09:06

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Gaspar ♦♦

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