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Por favor, indicar la región a la que perteneces. ¿A qué atribuyes la disminución o el aumento de días de trabajo?

asked 23 Aug '12, 09:27

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...surprisingly - because I had expected this year to be worse than 2011 - it's been a normal year so far :-), ie I'm at my usual average, whereas by May last year I was down to 50% and the year ended with a 20% drop vis-à-vis normal workload... and my region is Portugal, although more than 50% of my work isn't.

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answered 23 Aug '12, 14:00

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Thanks for sharing that! In Argentina it was very slow the whole first half of the year. Now it seems to be slowly picking up to more or less the expected number of workdays.

(23 Aug '12, 20:45) Laura

My workload as measured in number of days worked in the booth has been pretty steady for the past few years, at around the maximum of what I am willing to take (because of travel constraints, etc.). The only difference I can see is that my private sector work (my home base is Spain) seems to be shrinking as a percentage of the total number of days I do. I have to assume that's due to the overall economic slowdown in this country, although who knows... Fortunately, the EU sector seems to be happy to fill in the gap!

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answered 27 Aug '12, 05:57

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Good for you! Let's hope the slower parts of the world soon move on to a new upswing.

(31 Aug '12, 22:24) Laura

Spain has been badly hit by the economic downturn, as you all know, and interpreters are no exception. How do we make up for the loss of earning? We either take up more work with the institutions (going more to Brussels, Strasbourg -when possible, accepting more EU or UN missions at home) or take assignments abroad, where the work is. I happen to go 5 times to Asia in the next 3 months - which is unheard of. For me, it says a lot about the new distribution of work on the planet.

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answered 28 Aug '12, 04:17

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I agree with you about the new distribution of work. Thanks for sharing it, Danielle.

(31 Aug '12, 22:21) Laura
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