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Hello interpreters,

Do you think that university rankings mean a lot when choosing a master's program in conference interpreting?

I'm asking because I'm preparing a list of interesting universities.

Thank you.

asked 11 Feb '17, 17:56

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Mariam Moaz

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Generally speaking: No. But it all depends on what the ranking includes. Most of them would compare universities based on faculties and programs they all offer. Law, economy, medicine and sciences might be included. CI training is an odd course and most likely wouldn't even be part of a comparative study.

For choosing a school, you should read this page:

A CI course's quality boils down to one question: how many people do become conference interpreters after leaving the school? If it's just a few percent, either the entrance test is inadequate (or non-existent) or the quality of training doesn't allow properly screened candidates to get to the level needed. In both cases, a loss of time for everyone involved.

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answered 12 Feb '17, 04:53

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Gaspar ♦♦

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Thank you so much. I'm considering this page too and check universities there. I know I should compare programs there. Thanks.

(12 Feb '17, 08:15) Mariam Moaz

As Gaspar says, no. (Interpreting programs are generally tiny and fairly separate parts of their universities and so are barely impacted by their ratings nor do they affect the ratings themselves).

The closest thing to a ranking for interpreting programs you'll find is the AIIC Schools Directory where only schools that meet certain criteria are published (however they are not ranked in any order).

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answered 14 Feb '17, 08:31

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Thank you so much, Andy. Very helpful.

(14 Feb '17, 13:25) Mariam Moaz
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