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It is said that memory of short duration happens during conference interpreting, so one should dump the information obtained in the previous moment for the info coming in the next moment. So one conclusion is here, one will always have only one sentence in mind till the last moment.

After I read some, I came across something else, like one should predict, understand and interpret. If the speech is predicted, understood, one must be able to recall it.

So which is true? Thanks in advance for your advising.

asked 15 Aug '12, 10:31

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73481533's a fascinating subject, but one that does not lend itself to "sound bites" :-) ie my best advice would be for you to keep on reading, you'll realise as you do ( all the while learning about many other riveting interpreting-related items) that one does not exclude the other... and vice-versa ;-), they're both different and they both co-exist, short and long-term memory.

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answered 17 Aug '12, 06:58

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Thanks, Mr Msr. Your points is understood. Before simultaneous interpreting is just a technical work in my mind, but work requiring high skills and qualities; with your answer I know there is something more and deeper behind it, though this something still strange, and for me to explore. Thanks again for your answer and your art of answer.

(17 Aug '12, 07:48) Paris Si de ...
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