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Hi everyone,

I am new to this page, so please forgive me if this is not the right section to post in.

I am soon graduating with a degree in International Studies, with East Asia and Mandarin as my field of expertise. I would love to eventually become an interpreter, but I do not know if this language pair is offered at any institute... As I am not a native speaker of English I don't know if it would be doable to go through a Chinese/English interpreting program. Would love to hear your suggestions!


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Tim Seng Ong

One ready resource is AIIC's interpreting schools list. No school seems to offer the Chinese/Dutch combination. As someone living in China, I can also tell you even off AIIC's radar that combination can't be found either in the already extensive program options, as least not in my impression. So it goes without saying that this language combination is probably not that marketable (I can also testify for that).

Rolling back a step, language combination choices. Perhaps you should start by telling us what your A/B/C languages are. Nonetheless, with Chinese in your combination (plus your background in East Asia), I feel safe to say your best bet lies with Chinese<>English. It's the language most widely spoken plus the language with the largest population of speakers!

Getting into a Chinese/English conference interpreting program is notoriously grueling (been there, still not done with it). But if it's what you think is right for you, then it worths every effort you make. There are a lot of people who work while building up their language skills and make multiple attempts before they get in. It is a choice worth pondering over. As many articles online can tell you the interpreting market in China (Another story if it's not your target market) is in a chaos due to poor regulation, lack of social recognition for language service industry and a multitude of other factors. People from all walks of life are trying to get in regardless due to the unfounded idolization of and fascination with interpreting.

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