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Hello interpreters,

I currently need to work in translation before studying conference interpreting. What specializations will be beneficial to me when I become a conference interpreter?

If you need further information to help me, let me know.

Thank you. :)

asked 04 Feb '17, 09:40

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Mariam Moaz

Hi Mariam,

That will depend on where you see your future market as a conference interpreter, which in turn will depend on your language combination. If you see yourself working at the UN then texts related to that, the EU ditto. (But it's very difficult to get into that market). Medicine, agriculture, car manufacturing, patents are all also markets where interpreters work, but not in all language combinations. What is your combination?

In practice, translation in almost any subject area is a benefit to you as an future interpreter and you're unlikely to get much of a choice - if you're offered work you can't refuse everything that is not on the "right" topic and expect to keep getting offered work!

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answered 07 Feb '17, 07:03

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Hi, Andy! Thank you so much for your constant help. :) I understand. I am not a big fan of joining the UN market anyway. haha My native language is Arabic. Apart from English, I speak Spanish and Portuguese. I'm also planning to improve one or two of the languages I speak/understand at a low level (French, German, and Italian). I might learn Turkish too. I wouldn't refuse a job that isn't in any of my preferred specializations. In fact, I'm looking for translation work. I'm not in a condition that would allow me to be picky. haha I only need to specialize. That's why I'm asking for the best choices for me. :) I must ask my Arabic speaking colleagues, right? And I agree with you; any field of specialization should be useful for a future conference interpreter. I've read a discussion here about which is better: being a specialist or a generalist, and I found that, unlike translation, interpretation requires you to be more generalist. Thank you, Andy, for your answer. I appreciate your help. :)

(07 Feb '17, 10:33) Mariam Moaz
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