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Hi people,

Does anybody know how the market is in Qatar?

What are the most important languages there? If a person holds a master's degree in conference interpreting and speaks Arabic, English, Spanish, Portuguese and possibly one more language, would they need to do another job alongside interpreting?

I look forward to your responses.

Thank you.

asked 31 Jan '17, 17:31

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Mariam Moaz

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There is only one AIIC member in Qatar, who is only an associate member, which speaks volumes about the little work there must be in the conference segment. Not to mention the hurdle of getting a visa and work permit without an employer sponsoring you, also knowing that you can't just hop from one employer/client to another without having been previously released (No Objection Certificate).

Choosing the place of employment is a luxury we seldom have. Hence, I'd take the question in reverse: what are your (active and passive) languages, where will you train, and where will the combination of the two allow you to find work?

AR<>EN would work for the UN if you manage to get a foot into the door. To maybe get there, you should study in Geneva (or Paris), which requires at least some French. The same combination could be useful in North America (all types of interpreting). Try to get in touch with former Glendon (York University) graduates to find out what they've become.

Some people told me that Turkey wouldn't be bad.

Universities (Bilkent and Hacettepe) are providing a steady supply of graduates. One university only offers the MA CI every other year to avoid training too many people... knowing that this year, they only have two students. In a nutshell: Tiny market. And you wouldn't be competitive with a mere TR C. Would a TR B even be in demand?

What do you think about the following countries: the UAE, Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey?

Germany without German might be a tad difficult.

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answered 21 Feb '17, 05:35

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Gaspar ♦♦

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Thank you so much, Gáspár, for all the information you provided me with. Yes, I know that sole member of the AIIC in Qatar, I saw his profile and contacted him. That's true, he doesn't work a lot in interpretation. You're right. I understand you. I was thinking about the relationship between where we train and where we better live. I must create another question for that. Thank you.

(07 Mar '17, 00:08) Mariam Moaz

I'm no great expert on Arabic markets but in the absence of other answers let me say the following... I very much doubt that there is a market big enough to support conference interpreters in a small place like Qatar alone. You will have to travel across the Middle East, or the world. And the AR market in the Middle East will almost certainly be AR-EN in both directions (perhaps also AR-FR). The other languages are most likely non-existent, occasionally useful at best.

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answered 08 Feb '17, 05:38

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Thank you so much, Andy, for all your replies to us. Well, I also thought the same about Qatar because of its size haha, but an Italian>English translator living in the UK told me that Qatar looked a good option. He says he has clients there and that "there are large numbers of foreigners living and working there, or flying in and out, who presumably require interpreters on a regular basis". Maybe he was referring to interpreting in general, not conference interpreting specifically ... Also a non-Arab interpreter & translator living in Qatar says there are opportunities for my language pairs. (He speaks Spanish too.) I'm again afraid he could have been referring to translation and interpretation at the same time. Well, I don't know. I need to make sure. What do you think about the following countries: the UAE, Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey? The United Arab Emirates sounded very appealing to me as it's Arab and very international at the same time, but it seems like Arabic isn't that crucial there. I've found, on a website, some conference interpreters based in Dubai, and Arabic wasn't even among their working languages. haha Of course, Switzerland and Germany must be amazing for interpreters, but I'm not sure if they are for Arabic interpreters with my foreign languages. Some people told me that Turkey wouldn't be bad. I've also been told that learning Turkish would be very easy for me especially as I speak Arabic. I'll appreciate any useful information that you might know in that regard. Otherwise, I'm already grateful for your previous answers. :D

(08 Feb '17, 17:44) Mariam Moaz

"who presumably require interpreters" that's a big presume! I would imagine a lot of business people in Qatar also speak English already. "he was referring to interpreting in general, not conference interpreting specifically" almost certainly

I would 1) research your possible markets thoroughly and 2) stick to one promising language combination eg. AR-EN and not start looking around for other languages. Turkish is not easy for anybody to learn!

(09 Feb '17, 02:23) Andy

Really?! Oh, well. Thank you so much, Andy, for your reply and advice.

(06 Mar '17, 23:58) Mariam Moaz
(28 Mar '17, 09:27) Andy
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