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Would you recommend these courses? What are your impressions?

I am curious because the well-known universities for CI courses in the UK are Bath, Leeds and Heriot-Watt. The two universities above are never even discussed, recommended, given as examples, etc.

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Would you recommend these courses? What are your impressions? (...) The two universities above are never even discussed, recommended, given as examples, etc.

About London Met:

About Leeds and other courses:

I don't know if students on this course have achieved the same results at EU & UN tests as those from Bath or Leeds. You should look into that.

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I am going to Manchester this year. I didn´t find a great deal of information about it as it is a relatively new course. I will let people know as I find out! At the end of the course there is a placement, in either Brussels or Geneva. This is not guaranteed but has been done the past 2 years. They also give you work experience whenever possible during the course. The aptitude test consisted of a brief interview, 2 short speeches with summary and current affairs topics. The facilities looked very good. I have studied in both Herio-Watt and ISIT Paris, and the interpreting labs looked similar to HEriot-Watt's.

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answered 27 Apr '13, 08:34

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The university of Heriot-Watt was very good, I did my undergraduate course there. The facilities are excellent and there are mini conferences every 2 weeks to allow students to practice. As with any course though, how much you progress depends on the hours you are willing to put in. I chose not to do postgrad there only because I wanted a change.

I only did 5 months at ISIT and only did translation and history/economics. The teachers were good but I found the facilities somewhat lacking, although again having brand new classrooms doesn´t mean a school is good! In general the students seemed to be of very high quality, which is the main thing.

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answered 27 Apr '13, 08:38

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I have just finished my first term at Manchester, on the MACINT course (facebook webpage).

The course had an aptitude test consisting of a short interview, speeches with notes from my languages into English, and general knowledge questions about current affairs (French intervention in Mali and housing evictions in Spain).

The course has 4 main classes - Sim, consec, research methods and interpreting studies.

We began sim in week 6, and note-taking from week 6 too. Before we did public speaking, speeches without notes, reformulation exercises...

We had mock exams this week and will have term 1 exams in January. We have also had 3 marked submissions and 2 voluntary submissions.

The course is well-structured and fairly demanding. The teachers have all worked or work for the European Parliament or UN, and we have had presentations from several guest speakers including two Heads of English booth from the UN.

There are 2 of us in Spanish, 5 in French, 3 in German, 2 in Arabic and 5 in Chinese. The combination is ACC or AB/AA - however, some students have permission to sit in on other classes, if they have ACCC or ABC for example.

My classmate and I have had informal interpreting work already, at the Instituto Cervantes and a conference on women's rights in the University. Next term we also have a professional development course which deals with more practical elements in working life.

I am looking forward to my next term and also the break, where I plan to do as much consec and sim practice as possible!

My advice - work on your languages as much as possible, mother tongue included! Learn as much about world history, current affairs as you can.

Any questions send me an email.

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Could anyone compare the University of Manchester MACINT degree with the London Metropolitan degree? I am torn between the two and mostly am very concerned about the reputation of London Met as a university as it ranks among the lowest in UK universities rankings… However I've also read that Manchester's degree is not quite as good as the other UK conference interpreting degrees (Bath, Leeds…) Anyone able to enlighten me? I have a French A, English B combination (I have Dutch and Italian as C languages but no university in the UK offers an ABC combination for non-English A's…)

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answered 31 Mar '14, 14:53

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With FR A and EN B, I'd chose ISIT. Paris is where your market will be with that combination, so being trained there and getting to know people from the region will be almost a prerequisite to kick off your career.

(27 Sep '14, 06:01) Gaspar ♦♦
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