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I don't no how to put into to words an accurate description of a translation service and interpreting services and the difference, need it for course work. Anyone know how i can link this to childcare?

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You will find a description of the difference between interpreting and translating here:

Apart from linguistic skills, attested to by formal qualifications, you would do well to read up and think about the ethics of interpreting and the role played by the interpreter in a variety of contexts. In a social work interview, should the interpreter prompt if there are cultural explanations as to why people are not on the same wavelength? Might that be helpful or would it turn the interpreter into a protagonist rather than remaining a neutral channel of communication? With reference to childcare, is it appropriate for the interpreter to be related to a client, for example, or to befriend a client, whether that person is a child or an adult? Good luck with your assignment.

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  • Translation is a process of written transfer of verbal signs between languages. Simply put, it is the replacement of a text in one language (source language) by its equivalent in the other language (target language).

  • Interpreting is the conversion of a speaker’s ideas from one language into another. Interpreting helps in the process of oral cross-language communication.

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