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Good afternoon everyone! (I apologise if my question isn't relevant to this forum?) I was wondering if anyone is going to the ESIT open doors event on Friday –specifically the afternoon presentation for conference interpreting. It'd be lovely to go with likeminded people, I don't know anyone interested in conference interpreting and I'd love to chat with people who might have the same goal and plan on taking the Esit entrance exam next year. Thanks to all and have a lovely evening!

asked 06 Dec '16, 11:34

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Hello everyone, it's me again! I am guessing that my post was interesting to some, seeing that it has been viewed by over a hundred people as of now, but it seems that no one actually intending to go to the Open Doors last week at ESIT was around… too bad, oh well! :)

I really enjoyed going, and left extremely motivated and pumped for the upcoming exams. It was great to see such talented students and dedicated teachers. The part I enjoyed the most was the Year 1 consecutive class (French to Spanish), because of course one cannot help but to imagine being there as a student too (they started in October, so only a few months ago)… They had a very good level of interpreting and note-taking skills already. I was very impressed. The Year 2 class was of course on another level altogether but that's to be excepted, and it was just: hats off!

I've read here and there that (some) ESIT teachers were slightly scary/intimidating (?), but Ms. Christine Victorin seemed like a great teacher as well as being very motivational to all of us.

Anyway, I know my original post was a bit of a fail, but if there is anyone around who'd like to prepare the upcoming exam with someone else (me :) FR/ES/EN ), give me a shout and I am sure we could help each other prepare, giving each other speeches and comment on each other's mistakes, suggest ways to improve etc.

Have a good day everyone!

(13 Dec '16, 10:29) Buochig-Doue

Oh craps... I miss the open Doors... will they have any Open Doors soon ?

(13 Dec '16, 11:27) Synderiah

Hello! Hmmm, I believe they only hold this once a year... so unless I'm mistaken, sorry! :(

(14 Dec '16, 04:09) Buochig-Doue


I am really happy to hear that you loved the open house so much. I would have loved to go but I'm living abroad and I won't be back to Europe until beginning of February. I bought the books to prepare the exam though, and I am very interested in preparing it together if you are interested (maybe through Skype?). My language combination is ES/EN/FR. I am REALLY excited about and I hope we'll get in! Feel free to email me I am so looking forward to hearing from you!

Kindest regards,


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answered 18 Dec '16, 19:54

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Hi Eva! How nice, that's lovely! I have just sent you an email now. Talk to you soon!

(20 Dec '16, 08:29) Buochig-Doue
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