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You know, jokes, starring interpreters. "Interpreter walks into a bar..." that sort of thing.

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A missionary goes on and on speaking to his audience. When the interpreter's turn comes he very briefly conveys the message to the audience. The missionary asks the interpreter "are your sure you've said everything I said?" The interpreter replies "no, Sir, don't worry, I've improved it a lot".

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answered 05 Nov '13, 10:44

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At the beginning of his presentation, a Chinese speaker cracked a joke through an interpreter at a meeting and after a few seconds the whole room burst into laughter. He was very pleased that finally some people have appreciated his joke.

At the end of the meeting he walked to the interpreter and told him: "You know I've cracked the same joke several times through interpreters but no one would laugh. I think it's hard to translate. You must be very good and I wonder how you managed to translate it.

The interpreter replied, "I simply said: the Chinese man has just cracked a joke, please laugh..."

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answered 30 May '15, 06:22

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True story : At a UN conference, a Greek delegate was speaking in French with a very heavy Greek accent. When he had finished expressing his opinion on the subject at hand, he was ready to give the floor over to whoever wanted to speak next, so he asked "Quelqu'un veut prendre la parole ?" (translation: "Does anyone want to take the floor ?"), but with his heavy accent it came out sounding like "Quel con veut prendre la parole ?" (translation: "What @ss#ole wants to take the floor ?"). Needless to say, none of the French-speaking delegates accepted the offer...

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answered 12 Dec '15, 07:58

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