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Hello everyone, I would like to study Conference Interpreting for for my Master's. My native languages are Italian and German. I grew up in Italy, attended high school there and I am studying for my Bachelor's in Zurich, Switzerland. My degree is Chinese (Sinology) and I will graduate in June. I have been looking for Master courses in Europe and China, but everything is very unclear.. Can you advise some good universities? Do you know if it is possible to chose two A-languages or two B-languages? I would like to chose Italian as A-language, Chinese and German as B-languages and English as C-language. Thank you for reading!! Feel free to answer in English, Italian, Chinese,German or French :)

asked 24 Oct '16, 04:19

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Hi Alwen,

the AIIC school finder will allow you to find a suitable training institution based on your language combination. FTI Geneva has a very good reputation.

If you have studied ZH for 3 years only, it's unlikely, not to say impossible, that you have a B level in that language.

Both Chinese as a B and what level is needed for any B are topics that have been discussed before on Have a look at the existing threads.

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answered 24 Oct '16, 04:32

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Hi Gáspár, Thank you for your answer! I checked the AIIC school finder but it didn't show any chinese schools. Aren't there any good schools in China? Do you think it would make sense to spend 2 or 3 years in China before the MA, in order to be able to chose Chinese as a B-language? Or do I have to chose German and Italian as A- and B-languages because they are my native languages? Thank you!

(24 Oct '16, 06:30) Aiwen

"Do you think it would make sense to spend 2 or 3 years in China before the MA"

YES! If you want to interpret into and out of Chinese I would study for any MA in China first (economics, Chinese history etc) first and then and only then think about studying interpreting, either in China or back in Europe.

If I were you I would look not to include all my languages immediately but rather to choose the language pair with the most market potential (probably DE-ZH?) or the one which you prefer. An A-CCC combination is probably not much use in your case.

"German and Italian as A- and B-languages"

there's probably not much of a market for this combination but I may be wrong.

(26 Oct '16, 05:27) Andy

It's fairly normal for non-interpreters to overestimate their language combinations because they are not familiar with the requirements of the profession. If you haven't lived in an English-speaking country and you've only done 3 years of ZH then you might not even have C's yet in those languages.

(26 Oct '16, 05:32) Andy
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