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Hi, I'm sure this is a dilemma many interpreters have. You're a qualified interpreter, but where is best to live for your language combination and work aspirations? Obviously London is the best place I'd imagine, but I don't want to live there. Is there anyone with any info (or knows where I can get info) on where the demand is at in the UK? Thanks!

asked 13 Sep '16, 08:16

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Jack Taylor

I don't think there are any significant Spanish or Portuguese communities anywhere in the UK and certainly not outside London - and therefore no demand for interpreters. Move to the US?

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answered 13 Sep '16, 10:30

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I guess it depends on what one defines as 'significant' - London has 50k + Portuguese in one area of the city alone. Moving to the US isn't part of my plans, although I'd imagine a place like New York (1/3 Spanish speaking population I do believe) would be a good place to do the job.

(13 Sep '16, 11:22) Jack Taylor

Hi Jack, by "significant" here I mean big enough to create an interpreting market for you. 50k is probably not. (Wikipedia, by the way, gives a breakdown of the ES population in the UK here and the PT one here Outside London that's not going to be enough get you any decent amount of work.

I would also imagine that a good proportion of the ES and PT speakers in London are educated and middle class and therefore have learnt some English and don't need interpreters to access public services and don't appear in great numbers in police stations or before the courts, where interpreting is also required.

You should try to find out how much interpreting goes on in the UK with these languages and where, for example maybe DPSI has some stats or the government

If you absolutely want to work in the UK and absolutely don't want to live in London then you might have to think about translation or something else entirely. If you want to work as an interpreter then you will need to go to where the work is. (ps I think California is a better bet than New York.)

For an alternative approach Google "spanish english interpreter uk" and see 1) lots of translation job offers at fairly low rates 2) very few individual interpreters' sites and see what you think that information means work-wise for you.

(14 Sep '16, 01:17) Andy
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