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Hi I want to know what an interpreter wears in outdoor jobs like site surveying or visiting projects. should he wear suit? because I think it's not proper for these situations. besides, the employers say that in these situations there is no dress code. but I want to know what should an interpreter wear in these occasions, to look professional.

thanks in advance

asked 02 Aug '16, 17:35

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Saeed M

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Gaspar ♦♦

It really depends on the job. Will they give you a complete safety gear or just a helmet? Will it be particularly cold or hot? Will you be staying there all day or just one or two hours? Will you be standing and walking the whole time? If you really have no idea and can't ask the employer, just get there in a comfortable suit but bring extra clothes in case you need to change.

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answered 03 Aug '16, 02:03

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Camille Collard

The job is surveying some dams. so is it OK to wear T shirt and jeans? or casual business clothing? I do not know if they give me safety gear or just a helmet. please suggest something to wear. this job is really important to me.

(03 Aug '16, 08:14) Saeed M

As I said, if you don't now, wear a suit, bring extra clothes and you'll see once you get there.

(03 Aug '16, 10:09) Camille Collard

Gents can always wear a shirt, just don't go for the white color. I can't think of any situation where, compared to a T-shirt, a shirt wouldn't be compatible with safety requirements.

Shirts are hardly ever too formal. They can be assorted with black or blue jeans, which in turn can be be worn with virtually any footwear, including safety shoes / (rubber) boots.

You could go for a suit jacket, and leave it in your car or check it at the entrance if it turns out to be more bothersome than useful, depending on the weather and the protective clothing you'll be given.

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answered 03 Aug '16, 10:03

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Gaspar ♦♦

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The rule of thumb is that no matter what situation the interpreter must be dressed a little bit more formally than the most formally dressed delegate.

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answered 11 Aug '16, 00:44

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Cyril Flerov

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