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There have been some exchanges lately on the social media about what should constitute an interpreter's "road kit", i.e. what they always make sure they have in their suitcase when they travel for work. Here are a couple of examples:

So, what do you put in your suitcase?

asked 19 Apr '12, 06:18

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Vincent Buck

...suitcases vary widely, according to time-of-year, destination, mood etc :-) but my in-booth kit has stayed true to what I once wrote, as follows:

"and don't forget your “survival (non-tropical) kit”:

Jotting paper and consecutive note pad. Writing implements and pencil sharpener. Ear pads and/or cleansing tissues. Decapsulator and penknife. Cough drops and painkillers. Small self-adhesive labels and paperclips. Small binoculars and hand fan. Blank receipts!"

...and of course, these days a small laptop (with spare USB key), BO earphones and set of adaptors are of the essence.

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answered 19 Apr '12, 07:07

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I also pack some roller skates, just in case a quick escape becomes necessary.;-)

(19 Apr '12, 18:07) Jonathan

Here's another checklist of carry-on essentials published in Communicate:

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answered 02 May '12, 22:40

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Have to try bundle wrapping, thnx for the link!

(03 May '12, 02:25) Tanja

I agree with Manuel. Apart from what I wrote in my post, I also bring everything that is related to writing. And I too keep a fairly big travelling pharmacy since, the only reason for a terp not showing up to a meeting is own death. I have stopped bringing headphones though. After having lost two B&O, I guess I just resigned.

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answered 19 Apr '12, 15:02

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You might want to ask the technician for one of the regular participants' over-ear headphones - Sound is surprisingly good (and they are usually compatible so you don't need an adapter)

(03 May '12, 02:15) Tanja
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