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Hello, I would like to know if with that combination I will have the chance to work for the UN and the EU. For the moment my combination is this: A: ES, B: FR, C:EN/JA but I would like to add Russian soon. Thank you in advance.

asked 06 May '16, 09:27

Saskia%20Orihara's gravatar image

Saskia Orihara

Bonjour Saskia,

Pour l'Union Européenne, à l'heure actuelle, il faut 3 langues C en cabine ES pour être éligible au test d'accréditation (voir: Profiles in demand) donc malheureusement ta combinaison actuelle ne suffira pas, parce que le JA et le RU ne font pas partie des langues demandées.

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answered 06 May '16, 09:47

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Camille Collard

Hello Saskia,

With ES A, and FR, EN and RU in your combination, assuming you are good, you should be able to find work with the UN and the Council of Europe. I know at least one interpreter with that combination who works a lot, though that will also depend on factors such as your professional address. For example, you will get more work being based in a UN city such as Vienna or Geneva than if you were based in a city with no UN activity whatsoever.

As to ES<>FR, I don't know the market at all, but you should research what kind of private market work there may be in cities where there is a lot of French present, such as Paris, Brussels, or Geneva; or cities where there is a lot of Spanish present but not so much French. Make sure not to limit your research to Europe - there may be work in Latin America, Canada, Africa...

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answered 13 May '16, 09:12

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Does Council of Europe have a Spanish booth, Julia?

(13 May '16, 11:19) Sam

Not at every meeting, but I have worked meetings where there is a Spanish booth.

(13 May '16, 11:28) JuliaP
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