First-time posters: please review the site's moderation policy
Moderation policy

Effective November 25, 2014, all questions, answers or comments posted by first-time users are moderated as part of our spam prevention effort.

Making postings: Questions, answers or comments posted by registered, logged-in members above a certain reputation threshold (karma points) will appear on the site without moderation.

Questions and answers submitted by first-time posters or new users below a certain reputation threshold will not appear anywhere on the site until they have been moderated.

To prevent and reduce spambot traffic, unregistered users are presented with 'Captcha' challenge-response tests when posting their first question or answer.

We may use moderation management software from time to time to aid in the prevention of 'Spam' appearing on this website and to flag up unsuitable content.

We may use bulk processing to remove large amounts of spam and fake user accounts.

Moderation frequency: Posts pending moderation are typically processed within a few hours of posting.

Content editing after approval: Site moderators will occasionally edit submitted content before it appears on the site. This editing is usually limited to adding meta data, improving clarity of any idea and removing typos. Please read the site's FAQ for further information.

Content not published?:If your submission does not appear on the site, or your account is suspended or removed, it means that the Site moderators feel that the contribution did not comply with the site's content policy.

It may also be attributable to a false-positive in our anti-spam measures. If you feel that your post or user account has been unduly removed, contact us using this form.

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